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I´m made of ink and melody.

I live in perfect harmony between music and painting.

I got the Blues & Soul running free through my veins, therefore there´s hunger for more. Self expression.


I sing since my 16th years old going through many different styles (from Punkrock, to reggae, Jazz and electronic music). A few years ago I finally surrended myself to Jazz. At the same time I fell in love with House Music. Both styles have similar connections, I´m able to play with notes and notes with the soul groove.Most of times I create music with lyrics and melody on the spot, interpreting my story and feeling along the chords, which makes each song different and unique. I try to reach hearts and souls, my voice is the instrument of my soul.


Unlabeled artist. Unlabeled spirit.






Title. Double click me.

Title. Double click me.

Jazz | Blues | Soul


- Duo (vox // piano - guitar - saxophone)

- Trio (vox // piano - guitar - saxophone // contrabass)

- Quartet  (vox // piano - guitar - saxophone // contrabass // drums)

- Quintet  (vox // piano - guitar // contrabass // drums // saxophone)


Lounge | Deep House


- Solo Performer  (Live act / Mc)

- MOJO (vox // saxophone)


*We work solo, playing over backtracks and also with different Djs.










Here is a list with most of my clients and brands I worked for. If you are interested in having one of my performances in an event, wedding, party, please leave me a message at the content "CONTACT".


Thank you!




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